NEW HOME (and last post)

Dear CPHNS Community,

I want to start off this final post for CPHNS by thanking you for your patronage and support. I’ve received so many kind comments and helpful suggestions over the past three years (since I first started this blog on Blogspot), and I’ve taken them into consideration and come up with this new incarnation of my blog:


I think the name more appropriately reflects the content, as this blog has always been about celebrating the greatest parts of the Chinese sartorial system; furthermore, the name is also a mix of East and West, as I found I had to use both English and Chinese to express what I mean. I mean to say that Chinese people do have style (有 means ‘have’), because style is inherent to any culture or heritage. I also needed to ask the question “Chinese people, do you style?” because it’s important that everyone has their own style and we are respectful of the differences of others… So out deep respect for the subjects of my blog, I have created a new home for everyone to enjoy. I hope you like it!!

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

PS – I will keep up and running until all the content is properly transferred to chinesepeopledoyou有style… to see some content (such as slideshows, galleries, and video) you may need to return to CPHNS to view it properly.

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Off the Grid, Not in Shanghai

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but I have 3 good reasons why:

1 – I have a new job, and it’s not really in Shanghai… I’m spending a ton of time every day traveling back and forth, so even though I don’t have time to post, I still have the opportunity to take lots of pictures in a totally new section of Shanghai.

2 – I’m in the midst of relaunching CPHNS, and launching some new blogs, so look out for that!

3 – I used my iPhone to take pictures during a water fight in Shanghai, which totally screwed up my iPhone camera… I still have my point and shoot, but I don’t always take it out, so I haven’t had as much new content as I had previously… But that’s OK, because I have to sort through the insane amount of content I have anyway.

So right before my iPhone broke, it was taking some pretty interesting pictures because there was a layer of evaporated water covering the camera lens… So everything came out looking all hot and steamy, and this one was my favorite simply because this lady’s outfit deserved to have this sort of “filter” applied to it.

I don’t like making excuses for neglecting my blog, so I’ll try and relaunch ASAP so I can get back on my normal schedule. Thanks for your understanding and support!!

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Freeway Turtles, Beijing

So I haven’t posted in a few days because I had an impromptu trip to Beijing… And as I was already running late to catch my flight, I didn’t schedule any posts while I was away, so I’ll try and post more regularly in the coming weeks.

So anyway, I had these two pictures queuing from my last trip to Beijing that I meant to post before my trip:

Confused? Well I was too. But you’re vision is just fine, things are just as they appear… On one of my previous trips to the Capital, I was solicited by multiple Chinese people on the freeway trying to sell cell phone chargers and turtles:

I thought the first guy was just some random, wacky street vendor… But there were multiple people selling cell phone chargers and turtles!! I don’t think they do that in Shanghai, so does anyone have an explanation?!

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“Super” Future, South Shanghai

Today I went to the far, far southern edges of Shanghai where cabs are a different color and make and large tech companies have set up huge complexes that manufacture tomorrow’s technologies… But the future of China is not so certain, and this Chinese lady was a reminder of that fact:

The reason why the future of China and the world is not so sure is because, in our attempts for advancement, we are destroying our home… This particular area in Shanghai had a ton of factories and construction and smoke stacks which gave off all kinds of odd and scary smells. Seeing and breathing in that much pollution from just one or two factories made the realty of pollution a bit more tangible… It also made this sort of getup pretty necessary:

I thought this biker actually looked quite cool (even though she had some sort of bag on her head), but wouldn’t it be scary to see everyone walking around like this? It’s kind of futuristic looking, but in a post apocalyptic way, and not in a great advanced future kind of way. So if you ever go to the outskirts of Shanghai, remember your mouth/face gear (whatever that may be)… And please do your part to help preserve our home so that in the future such getups will remain cool and optional, not depressing and mandatory.

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Happy Ba Ba’s Day!!!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!! (not sure if they are a target demographic of my blog, but there’s got to be a few, right?)

Anyway, I’m not sure if this Chinese guy is this adorable little girl’s Grandpa or Dad, but it’s a day to celebrate Dads and Dads of Dads alike, everywhere and anywhere, so it doesn’t matter!! It’s a cute picture:

Also, just a quick thank you to my own Dad and Grandpa, without whom I would not be in China running this blog for you all… So please thank my Dad and Grandpa too if you like this blog, and remember to thank yours as well!!!

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Ba Ba’s Suspenders, French Concession

Father’s Day is coming up, and this morning I saw a couple of Chinese men that reminded me of this special day… You see, older Chinese men, similar to my American Grandpa, love suspenders!

Obviously Chinese men prefer to pair this cool accessory with a less-than-cool fake Burberry shirt (my Mom insists that this is just “a pattern that Asian people like”… She’s Korean). But regardless of his choice of shirt, I give him serious props for his suspenders.

And this Chinese guy gets major props for wearing suspenders while also riding a bike… I can’t think of a better combo:

This Chinese guy’s suspenders are also quite dapper, but then again, it’s hard to go wrong with suspenders…

So it’s not that my Grandpa looked anything like this Chinese guy (he was a white American, and quite a bit older) that reminded me of him, but they at least shared a fondness for this always appropriate accessory… So the sartorial connection naturally made me think of my Grandpa and everything he gave me, including my wonderful Dad.

My Dad looks nothing like this Chinese guy, and he doesn’t like suspenders, but I’m still recently thinking about and grateful for everything my Dad gave me… So remember Father’s Day is June 17th, and if you haven’t gotten you Dad anything yet, consider a pair of suspenders!! They are always cool, no matter who wears them!

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Fish on a Bike, French Concession

I wasn’t quite sure what was on the back of this guy’s bike…

…until I got a bit closer…

…and discovered that it was stacked with aquariums full of fish!!

I’d seen these biking fish vendors before, but I never actually bought a fish on the street…

So I bought my first street fish on the corner of Fu Xing Lu and Rui Jin Er Lu area!

It was quite an experience choosing fish on the street, especially when the police came by and told us to move… I guess the intersection wasn’t an ideal spot to buy a fish, but it happened!

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Nan de Nu de?, Xin Tian Di

“Nan de Nu de” 男的女的 is something I hear all the time… Chinese people are trying to figure out if I’m a boy or girl, and I try and take it as a compliment although sometimes it can be a bit offensive. But honestly, Asians are typically more androgynous anyway, especially when a Chinese boy is dressed like this:

I’m not 100% positive he was a boy, but I’m pretty sure… But honestly, no one should care or judge what this boy is wearing as long as he likes it and he is comfortable in it. People should dress for themselves, not for others. Just because society says pink dresses are for girls doesn’t mean that only girls can wear them… So whether this child is a boy or girl is irrelevant to me, as long as he likes it and werks it!

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That Hair, Xin Tian Di

I’ve posted a lot about Chinese hair styles before, but this one may take the cake:

I love the bright, unique orange/salmon tint he’s got going on up top, and it matches his shoes quite well… His look as a whole was quite cool I though, especially the animal print shirt and backpack:

I wouldn’t quite classify this as a “Clash“, but it’s almost there… And speaking of clashing, my friend Hart over at Shanghai Style File just posted some pretty phenomenal pictures of some youthful clashes, so check it out!

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Colorful Disco Twinkle, The Bund

I got back from my Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong trip just in time for the Dior Homme afterparty on the Bund last night… I was so exhausted I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but after reviewing my pictures from down south, I realized I had hints of this party throughout my trip. For example:

Last night there was plenty of that “Disco Twinkle” along with lasers and smoke, as well as pretty solid music and of course beautiful, stylish people. It was yet another one of those “Colorful Parties”!

So I’m finally back in Shanghai and will be updating more consistently, and I’ll also be launching a few new blogs in the coming months, so watch out world!

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