At the Flower Market, Northern Jing An District

Upon entering the Bird and Flower Market, I was greeted by this fine specimen:

I must say, she was very appropriately dressed for her line of work. I guess this is kinda what “business casual” is in China…

This lady was definitely in her best business casual… I love the draping of her pants, they really remind me of Chinese American designer Angela Gao.

I think the gold glasses were the perfect accent to her overall composition and demeanor.

I thought this lady’s zebra print vest was pretty hysterical considering her surroundings of giant forest-like plants… her shoes were even striped with black and white!


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3 Responses to At the Flower Market, Northern Jing An District

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  3. sarah says:

    Have you asked if you can take their pics yet? I bet some of them would love to be published… just ask after you snapped a few under the radar lol! 🙂

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