On the Hunt for: Christmas Accessories!, Shanghai

So I’ve really tried to keep all the posts for one week Christmas-themed, but when I made that promise I definitely didn’t have 7 posts worth of pictures that really worked… So I’ve been on the hunt for Chinese people wearing red and green, or Christmas sweaters, or ANYTHING sartorial that may qualify as Christmas-y.

So below is a compilation of pretty much all the people I found wearing red and green (not so many people know what Christmas really is here, so as a whole they’re not really dressing for the occasion). Usually it was people wearing accessories, and our first example was appropriate and tasteful-ish:

I was riding up the escalator behind her, so I couldn’t get a shot of her whole outfit… But I like the gold of her sweater, it makes it much more Christmas-y for sure.

Speaking of hunting, this woman decided to pair a red and green scarf with a giant leopard print coat (better than the alternative, which is pairing a LV or Gucci monogram bag with leopard or cheetah or other animal prints… much more to come on that later)…

The photo below was taken with my front-facing camera, hence the smaller size and poor quality… But look close, her haircut is awesome!!

And there she goes, out into the concrete jungle of Shanghai…

Our final subject may or may not have been referencing the holiday season with her getup, but regardless of intentionality I like her. And I don’t know if you noticed, but AGAIN with the animal prints (the lady on the left)… and her jacket is shiny to boot!

I’ll have many more posts on animal prints in the future, especially of people who pair them with LV and Gucci monogram bags…

Anyway, on a more positive note, only 2 days til Christmas!


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