Christmas Wish List, Jing An and French Concession

It’s almost here! Christmas!! So since I’ll be in Shanghai this year to pass the holidays, I didn’t really come up with a wish list… But come to think of it, I do have some Christmas Wishes that I hope will be granted in the New Year:

Christmas Wish 1: To find the perfect set of puffy pajamas to lounge around in outside (a Chinese form of conspicuous consumption, strangely enough). I don’t know what it is about Chinese people and wearing pajamas on bikes, but I’ve seen it a lot more that I could have ever anticipated…

Christmas Wish 2: To find and purchase a bike as sweet as this one… Then, I can ride my sweet bike in my sweet pajama set (I also need to find cool slippers like hers).

(and for my last and less tangible wish…) Christmas Wish 3: For people in Shanghai to stop wearing outfits like the one below. Not only is it a giant (fake) Burberry coat, but it’s paired with some ridiculous Coach boots.

I’m not fooled… I don’t think this lady is rich, and I don’t think that her outfit makes her look rich or classy (do you?). Please, Christmas Magic, make it stop!!


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