Top 10 of 2010 FINALE: Jing An and Shanghai Railway Station

So I know it was just yesterday that I posted Installation 5 about Chinese Children, but I somehow forgot the most exceptional examples of childrenswear I’ve found in China:

Her sister’s dress with its long silhouette and beautiful print stood out like a sore thumb (in a good way) in an otherwise desolate grocery center in Jing An:

Here’s a closer look at the beautifully balanced colors and print, as she browses the milk:

The two of them together were quite the site, I feel like they had already defined part of their style at such a young age (although this is partially imparted by the mother or father).

I hope that other Chinese children are comfortable with dressing so individualistically, even if it means you stick out like a sore thumb.

OK, sorry for the delay (should have posted that yesterday)…

THIS below is the real meat of the post, the creme de la creme, the cherry on top. THIS is my Miss China Style 2010:

She may not look like much from behind (although those leggings definitely caught my eye)…

But when she turned around, the heart-shaped sunglasses sealed the deal. Officially the best (or at least most-individualistic) person I’ve seen in China:

The sunglasses are so great because it was the first time I saw irony in clothing in China. They were heart-shaped, but she turned out to be the baddest b*%&$! in town… If people got in her way, she would literally SHOVE them out of her way (shoving by Chinese standards, which is a whole new level). She would also kicked people’s roll-y bags, and shout at them.

She ended up provoking quite a few of the other travelers (it was the National Holiday at the Shanghai Railway Station, so there were many, many travelers), which is why you can see one lady punching our Miss China in the back of the head, and another one kicking her in the back of the thigh:

Of course, the cops rightfully reprimanded the conspicuously individualistic instigator and had her empty out her bag of crazy:

And even though she was being disgraced by the police, she looked like a rockstar. Great leggings and contrast of colors with the red sweater… And of course, the heart-shaped sunglasses that sealed the deal:

But I think that’s why no one wears clothing ironically in China… no one will get it, so you’ll be totally misunderstood. If you wear something that makes you look like a homeless person, an ethnic minority, or a manifestation of literal proclamations made sartorially, people will probably think you’re a homeless person, ethnic minority, or the manifestation of a literal proclamation you made sartorially (of course, these people are actual examples of such… my point is that people can dress with elements from all kinds of aesthetics and inspirations to achieve something new and individualistic, and to help build sartorial culture).

I hope Chinese people and fashion won’t have to be so literal in 2011.


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6 Responses to Top 10 of 2010 FINALE: Jing An and Shanghai Railway Station

  1. Jean says:

    LOL, the little girl is in the Heinz ketchup aisle…..looks like Asian Whole Foods….this is really HiSo grocery shopping (HIgh SOciety shopping vs your local market with various dead animal parts and the flies being shooed away)

    Miss China 2010….the police uniforms look nice, crisp and very official!!! Police poritely looking at contents of her bag, at least she’s not carrying plastic that would end up hanging from some tree in a river. For half the world in flip flops I am always amazed no one over here, except the Japanese, are hip to the tabby sock. Instead you have to jam your socks into your flip flops….and by the way ….why aren’t Reef flip flops having a huge presence over here, everyone I know wants my Reefs. Yes yes, I know they are expensive, but there’s plenty of people buying expensive Dr. Scholls and they are not nearly as hip or comfortable, sorry Doc.

    • RE: kids – That was a nice grocery store, and EXPENSIVE… You wouldn’t see a little girl like that in a full length dress at the local shopping market with said dead animal parts 😉

      RE: Miss China 2010, this lady was NUTS! I don’t think she paid much attention to her sock/shoe combos 😉

    • This supermarket is like an Asian Whole Foods, far far removed from the local markets (which, despite being sometimes unsanitary) have a certain charm and are definitely cheaper… But you won’t see too many little girls like this wandering around the market place.

      As far as flip flops are concerned, I know that Crocs are very popular here… As is pairing flip flops with socks haha 🙂

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  4. Phil says:

    this is fantastic haha

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