Vintage Classic, Pudong Airport

I missed my flight from NY back to Shanghai yesterday by about 5 minutes, so I had to re-book and go back to the airport the next day… But even though that was a huge pain, I made it to the other end intact and cheerier than I expected after a 16 hour flight. That’s mostly because I saw this lady waiting at baggage claim at the Pudong Airport in Shanghai:

Although she’s probably not the youngest of the bunch, she still had a great energy and laid back style that seemed to make everyone around her happier, including myself.

She had friends passing by her left and right, giving her high-fives as they left the airport… I don’t usually feel like a high-five after a trans-Pacific flight (especially one that I missed the first time), but these ladies totally brightened my day.

I love her positive attitude and laid back style, particularly the jeans… They somehow look vintage, or at least by Chinese standards. I’m glad to be back in China so I can start posting more regularly, but I’m particularly happy to have been greeted by this older but wonderfully young-at-heart soul at the airport. To vintage and classics!


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