A Tribute to My Motherland, America (from China)

Tonight in Shanghai it was Vogue China’s Fashion’s Night Out, and even though I was physically there, I had America on my mind.

I saw this mother & daughter coming down the escalator at Infinity Plaza where the pre-event took place, and it was nice to see them standing in sartorial solidarity with my Motherland by wearing red, white, and blue (even if it was sub or unconscious solidarity) on this unforgettable day.

My heart goes out to all those families that lost someone this day 10 years ago, and I’d like to think that Chinese people are also sympathetic to the losses of their American brethren… They were definitely more than a few dressed like it today even though shopping and drinking at FNO was on most peoples’ minds.

I wore the most patriotic outfit I could muster up to remind myself and Chinese people of this day, which consisted of a pleated white shirt from S2VS, blue star leggings from One by One, a red scarf from Israel, and red, white, and blue Rivieras from Opening Ceremony.

This day 10 years ago I believe the world stood with America, and even though our two great countries may sometimes seem at odds, we are ultimately all one and the same. Take a few moments to see how our Chinese brethren stand in sartorial solidarity with and represent (again, most likely sub or unconscious) the land of the free and the home of the brave:

We’re not really all that different from one another, and we should embrace and express our differences while still maintaining a regard and respect for other countries, ideas, and this case, a shared loss.

I hope this post isn’t a downer (I think I definitely curbed the enthusiasm for FNO by reminding people of 9/11 a bit too much), but this day should definitely be remembered… And to lighten the mood of the blog, I’ll post soon about FNO itself.

Always remember…


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3 Responses to A Tribute to My Motherland, America (from China)

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  2. Ya, these pictures were taken over the course of a few weeks, but today I actually got four pictures in a row of red, white, and blue!! But life definitely has gone on since 9/11, which is what it should do… the US has to continue to celebrate life, but we should never forget those who we lost.

    And I’d be interested to see fashion week in NY now, Shanghai Fashion Week will hardly be stimulating (although there are going to be a few good shows I think including Decoster and Vera Wang is doing the opening show). Keep me updated, and thanks for your thoughtful comment!!

  3. kitty says:

    that’s more americana than what i’m seeing in new york! it actually felt a little weird that fashion week was going on at the same time as the memorial. And US open And college football…it’s almost over compensating. fashion week on another note is not what it was before. it’s becoming less and less about the designs but more and more about the scene. the crowd & atmosphere is very different ever since it got moved to lincoln center. FNO definitely promoted general interest in fashion but I can’t tell if it’s for the better. does it really help retail in the long run? it seems like everyone is selling gimmicks instead and there is more room for pretentiousness. marketing is always important but design shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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