Off to Beijing

I’m off to Beijing today to meet with Creative Artists Agency and Vega Wang for my agency China Fashion Collective and hopefully also Hong Huang, Mao Suit, and Xander Zhou if they are all back from their respective trips.

So this past week was quite busy preparing for my trip, but one thing high on my to-do list that I made sure to get done was to visit Chinese artist Maleonn and take some pictures of his old photos for the Chinese Fashion History page. This seems to be one of CPHNS’s more popular pages, so I’m going to work hard to add some more pictures and explanations soon.

But today I have a sneak peek of the new set of photos I’ve procured from Maleonn… Below is a picture of “Kong Fu Zi Lu” or basically “The Shoes of Confucius”. Maleonn said that intellectual wore these for centuries in China, and I can see why… Not only are they cool with the wispy clouds and stripes, but they also look pretty comfy! Maybe I’ll scour the antique markets of Beijing for a pair and be traveling back to Shanghai in them… Anyone got a solid lead?!

And since I’ll be traveling and not able to update the blog, I’ve already scheduled a post for noon on Monday, Sept 19 Shanghai time, which would be midnight on Monday, Sept 19 New York time, so check back for a post that will literally make your head spin…


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  1. wtdevflnt says:

    I blog rolled you. Excellent site and keep it up. Anxious to see what you think of BJ.

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