Match Set, Shanghai

In honor of the Rolex Masters that are finishing up in Shanghai, I present you with: match sets.

I see (usually elderly) Chinese women all the time wearing quick, easy two-piece outfits that match, and I think they should be called match sets because I don’t know what else I could call them…

Anyway, despite the ease of these match sets, these ladies don’t look lazy or under-dressed; rather, I think they are quite intriguing insofar as they are big blurs of wacky patterns and prints and colors. They are like the chill, more sober version of a clash, but definitely not boring.

I mean, the vibe obviously depends a lot on the pattern of the match set, as there is not much else to one of these outfits. This particular match set is almost too much, but it still looks pretty funky and fun.

This lady also has a wild pattern going on, and the metallic sheen is definitely a bonus.

But some Chinese people prefer pretty flowers for their match sets, cause it’s hard to go wrong with a flower print.

I mean, this Chinese lady looks so feminine and friendly in flowers, no?

This match set is a bit more unorthodox with a print of veggies, but it still works for her I guess.

But my favorite match set of all so far was found in Guangzhou… It looks like the print is also of flowers, but it’s a bit more abstracted. I also love the color palette, which contrasts nicely with her dusty hair.

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 150 points + 30 points for being the best at match sets = 180 points
Gen Y – 100 points
Gen Z – 30 points


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4 Responses to Match Set, Shanghai

  1. T- I have match sets from Grandma. She told me she liked them b/c they keep her cool during the summer and I like them b/c they are silky. Hahahaha

  2. DeborahV says:

    I’ve always wondered about the concept/what attracts older women to these match sets in China. In my mind I’ve classified it as the grandmother uniform: short hair, match set, so I was surprised to see the younger woman in the restaurant wearing a set. Also, these sets are everywhere, but I never saw ads or stores really promote these outfits, but I see them everywhere so it makes me think maybe they’re more popularly sold in the local markets? Don’t you think they look a bit like nicer pyjamas for the day time?

    • Hahaha you’re right!! They are kind of like street PJs but a bit more nicer/more respectable… I mean, I’d be down for wearing a match set on the street but I’m not brave/Chinese enough yet to wear street PJs… But I don’t know where to buy the match sets, but I’m guessing you can find them at the street vendors…

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