Happy Thanksgiving!!, from China

It’s Thanksgiving already!! 2011 went by wicked fast and there are so many things to be thankful for, but do you know what I’m most thankful for this year? That it’s finally cold enough in Shanghai for Chinese men to not roll up their shirts and expose their bare bellies. It’s pretty unpleasant, especially would be unbearable if it continued throughout the holidays when people really pack on the lbs for the impending winter… So let’s review some of the grotesqueness and be thankful that this won’t appear on the streets or the blog again until next April/May-ish. And maybe these images may help some of you in America about to dig into your guilt-free day of gluttony show some restraint this year [but probably not, I already finished stuffing my face with holiday goodness]. Be forewarned, these images are graphic and should not be reviewed over Thanksgiving dinner itself.


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9 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!!, from China

  1. Carl Sharp says:

    I have noticed this same habit in NE China (Jilin Province). Another one I have seen is men who roll their pantlegs up to their knees whenever they sit down. Another habit I have noticed is common with both men and women during the winter months in the NE is that when they visit to a friends or family members home, they will remove their pants, skirt or dress and run around in their long underwear . But what is embarassing and also funny for me is when the women will strip down in plain view in the living room in front of everybody in underwear so tight, it leaves nothing to the imagination , but are to embarassed to wear a two piece bathing suit in the summer

    • Hi Carl

      I’ve never been to Jilin, but it sounds interesting with all this bizarre sounding trends… I haven’t seen either of these before in China, so thanks for sharing, and I’ll definitely keep my eye out… If you have a chance to snap some pictures, I’ll soon be posting some submissions to my blog 🙂

      All the best

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  3. Jean says:

    Love it, refreshing change from here in N. Thailand where grown men, future leaders no doubt, are going around with hand knit hats a la, pink rabbits complete with ears, ducks with long orange beaks, pandas, frogs, mice, and other critters…perched on top of their head like they are at some alternative reality ski resort!!!! BTW, women and children wear these things too….the knitting ladies can’t keep up with the demand. Then they all get to pose for their close up in front of the local mailbox with the zip code so they can show the folks back in Bangkok what they are missing up here in the COLD.

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