12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 1 – The Fabric Market

Last year in December, when I was just kicking this blog off, I promised to make 7 posts in 7 days that were all related to Christmas… well this year, with almost 20,000 pictures and video so far, I can easily top that with 12 posts in 12 days, all related to Christmas, every day until the Big Day. So get ready for a longer and better holiday countdown this season with a different visual treat every day that won’t make you gain more weight than you’re already bound to gain this holiday season like an advent calendar would.

The countdown starts with a picture that I took all the way back on August 20th at the Fabric Market, which I recently visited but didn’t actually enter… Anyway, back in the summertime when cold weather and the holidays were all but unimaginable, I spotted this gem of a shirt hanging outside one of the stalls:

I’d imagine one would look like a silky, Chinese version of a Christmas tree in this shirt, so the description is definitely apt yet still throws me off for some reason… Maybe I’ve just never seen clothes that were literally made for Christmas, but we’ve commercialized pretty much every holiday in America so why can’t China do it too?

These Chinese people didn’t only manage to make this shirt literally Christmas-y, but they also made it literally Chinese-y too with the ridiculous silk patterns that tourists always fall for because it’s so “Chinese”… But as Chinese people neither celebrate Christmas nor go to the Fabric Market, this shirt was definitely meant for a laowai.

Note: So I may have dyslexia or may have been living in a foreign country for too long, but I definitely thought that the above sign said shirt… Thanks to the many people who points out it’s actually a skirt, it makes a lot more sense now and is probably even funnier now to imagine someone actually wearing that thing. Hopefully a nice tree in China got this pretty fancy Xmas tree skirt!


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2 Responses to 12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 1 – The Fabric Market

  1. Susan Tiner says:

    Are you sure that’s a shirt? The sign says skirt and it looks like it could be an actual Christmas tree skirt that you wrap around the base of the tree to hide the stand. You need an opening to add water to the stand basin, so the buttons make sense. Anyway, as for it being for foreigners, not Chinese, that’s funny because these kinds of tourist-y things are sold near where I live, in San Francisco’s chinatown so I guess they’re meant for local and out of town tourists, although I think a lot of Chinese Americans do celebrate Christmas.

    • Oh my… I didn’t even realize that said SKIRT!! It definitely does though, which makes more sense considering the shape of it. Someone really would look ridiculous wearing that as a shirt haha! I just saw the typical Chinese buttons and assumed it was a shirt, oops!!

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