Chinese Fashion News Update!

I finally had a bit of time to finish up the Chinese Fashion News section, although there are some stories I haven’t put up yet but will get to soon… But I hope you find this both informative and useful for the time being, and I would love some tips on other good sources for Chinese Fashion News! Here are the pages I’ve made so far (more to come):

China Fashion Collective
Chinese Fashion Designers
Fashion and Art
Hung Huang, iLook, and Brand New China
Online and e-Commerce
Stores and Retail
The Market

Happy reading, and keep those suggestions coming!!


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The emergence of style in China
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One Response to Chinese Fashion News Update!

  1. DeborahV says:

    What a great resource, and I’m so excited to start reading Hung Huang’s new weekly column, “ChinaFile”, in WWD/ 😀

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