Will All You Clones Please Line Up, Hong Kong to Shanghai

My trip to Hong Kong was quick yet productive (which is why I haven’t had time to catch up on blogging until now), and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Lane Crawford team and visiting their stores again. I ended up checking out their Canton Road store first, as they recently launched their new, younger, more conceptual retail experience called “lab” there. It was a great concept, and you can read more about it on China Fashion Collective’s blog.

So anyway, on my way to their Canton road store I saw a huge line outside of Louis Vuitton….. How ruxurious:

But at least the picture is nice and crisp and clear, right? It’s much better than this one I took of the Plaza 66 store in Shanghai way back in November 2010, no?

So as I promised in my New Year’s Resolutions I said that this blog would evolve, so this is one crucial part of my evolution… I got a real camera (a Nikon AW100), and am still learning how to use it, but usually I can get much clearer, nicer shots than I could on my iPhone… For example, this is from my new Nikon, taken in HK:

I still prefer my iPhone sometimes and will continue to use it when I want to be less obvious, but for those of you that like things super clear and crisp, I did this for you so you no longer have to look at so many shoddy pictures like this:

I know that one set of pictures is obviously much clearer than the other, and although a great improvement I don’t really think it’s that big a deal to be honest… To me, I was able to capture the content, and even though it’s not as clear on an iPhone, it still provides the same message. Here, in both the Nikon and iPhone pictures, you can see just how ridiculous the conspicuous consumption is here in China; whether it’s Vuitton or Chanel or any other Western luxury brand, they are pulling out all the stops to try and maintain the appearance of exclusivity while they race to build their third and fourth and fifth stores in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai while also building stores in third and fourth and fifth tier cities. Pretty soon Chinese people will realize that these major Western brands are by no means “exclusive” in China anymore, and they will start to search for real luxury and exclusivity as their tastes become more defined and refined.

So I hope you all enjoy the clearer pictures, and I think it will help to make this blog a better blog… It will certainly help me capture images in places with funky lighting like fashion shows and the roller disco. So look out for better pictures in 2012!!


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2 Responses to Will All You Clones Please Line Up, Hong Kong to Shanghai

  1. thephshopper says:

    I found your blog, whilst googling Shanghai Fashion Week, as I am interested in the development of fashion and the identity of Chinese people through art. I love it so much, really funny but true. As born in Shanghai but raised in the UK, it is always humorous to witness Chinglish on people and luxury hoarders, which are classified as Chavs in England (new money without taste). But, I m really excited about the development of Style and Fashion in those who are seeking alternatives, and individuality. May it possible that Vintage may pop up?!

  2. Susan Tiner says:

    The new camera shots are great!

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