Trends and Categories + Submissions Launch!

I just launched the Trends and Categories section of CPHNS to provide easy access to some of the recurring sartorial themes on this blog and the streets of China, as well as a Submissions Section because I’ve recently received so many great submissions that I could no longer resist putting them up.

I’m starting with Blaise from Understanding China, One Blog at a Time because he sent me a lot of great photos done in true CPHNS style. I don’t want to put them up all at once because they are a diverse set of pictures that will come in handy when making various points.

So anyway, Blaise is located in Beijing, and Beijing is a completely different beast from Shanghai in terms of sartorial practices… I would say it’s mainly due to a combination of the city’s specific history and climate. They are more cultured in Beijing in a way, yet also more seemingly “backwards”… And at times, even though they are just being practical, they look just downright silly.

Take, for example, one of Beijing’s very own Bag Ladies. I thought that my pictures were amazing until I saw the ones Blaise took… This lady is full on:

Her face is completely covered with what seems to be an orange bag, but I’m guessing she’s at least able to breath through it (it doesn’t appear to be plastic)… In fact, it may oddly enough be improving her ability to breath, as Beijing is notorious for its pollution and sandstorms. Maybe this is what the future will look like:

But seriously, if China doesn’t get its pollution issues under control, this face bag may become a necessity for not just Mainlanders but the entire world in the coming decades. There is something weirdly futuristic and post-apocalyptic about her look, but it’s also very humorous/a little high-fashion. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran across something like this in an editorial.

Thank you Blaise for your contribution to CPHNS and our collective understanding of Chinese sartorial practices! And everyone, please keep the submissions coming, and enjoy our new sections!!


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2 Responses to Trends and Categories + Submissions Launch!

  1. Susan Tiner says:

    It looks like a sheer silk scarf to me, and as you say, is probably meant to filter air more than anything else. It’s certainly more attractive than a plastic bag!

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