Biking in the Grocery Store, Xin Tian Di

Since our Chinese friend from Raffles stated with her shirt “look at all these losers you find them everywhere,” I decided to put her shirt’s statement to the test. So this week, I’ll be posting different subjects and I’ll give you my perspective on whether he or she is a loser or not… And be sure to comment and offer your own perspective!

So first case: 小朋友 (little friend) riding his tricycle through the grocery store. Here are some pics of him on the verge of wreaking havoc in the “snack” aisle (if you’ve ever been in a Chinese grocery store, you’d know why I used quotation marks):

However, he didn’t wreak any havoc (although he nearly knocked a few things over) and just seemed to have a lot of fun. Did I mention he got away with riding a bike in a grocery store?! How cool is that???

Verdict: Definitely not a loser, more like a super winner.

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 180 points
Gen Y – 245 points
Gen Z – 208 points + 30 points for riding a bike… in a grocery store! = 238 points


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3 Responses to Biking in the Grocery Store, Xin Tian Di

  1. Susan Tiner says:

    No tricycle riding allowed in grocery stores here in the US. Let’s see, which country would I like better as a little kid?

  2. Jean says:

    Children are tolerated very well in Asian culture till they hit a certain age (can’t say EXACT what age that is but I have seen kids dragged by their collar out the classroom door if they make a wrong move or disrespect a teacher) You can ride your bike in the grocery store or go around freely in a restaurant while being played with by the waiter who will even pick you up and take you outside to feed the fish in the pond.

    I love the sayings on t-shirts, they are sort of Confucian/Buddhist fractured English wisdom!!! I try to find wisdom in at least one t-shirt a week!!!! Last week was Seeds Suck. Go figure.

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