Spring Cleaning, Lu Wan District

The sun finally came out today!!

And since the sun was out, so was everyone’s laundry:

When the weather is nice and the pollution not prohibitively disgusting, the residents of Shanghai hang their laundry on pretty much any pole they can find or make. Thus the city literally becomes draped in a variety of fabrics, and usually very intimate ones such as bedding and undergarments (I’ve left out the latter to keep the blog PG).

And not only are homes spruced up, but Shanghai’s residents also getting cleaned up for Spring’s (late) arrival…..

So not only can you hang your laundry on the streets of Shanghai, but you can also get your haircut but one of the local shifus:

These guys offer haircuts for just 5 rmb (about $.75), and be simultaneously bathed in Shanghai’s first sunlight in a long, long time.

Even trees were getting a trimming in anticipation of Spring!

I’m so ready for Spring and the outfits that come with the season to finally start appearing in Shanghai… It’s been wayyy too delayed this year.

So here is to a happy, tidy Spring, Chinese people!


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