Off to Beijing!!

I’m off to The Capital in a few hours for the Alexander Wang opening at The Village in Beijing’s hip Sanlitun district on Friday night… It should be an amazing store opening, as it’s Alexander Wang’s first store in China and the invitations are naughty-looking light-sabers.

But it won’t be all fun and play in Beijing, as I’ll also be meeting with some of Beijing’s top designers, including Xander Zhou, Vega Wang, and Liu Lu… But don’t worry, I’ve prepared a couple of posts while I’ll be gone, so be sure to check back!!


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One Response to Off to Beijing!!

  1. chinadaily says:

    Exciting! A) I love Alexander Wang and B) I love how he’s doing thing differently. Instead of establishing himself in Western/European markets and then looking East, his international rollout is planned for China first, and the other countries as relevance dictates. Hope you have productive meetings, cheering you on from Cali!

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