That Hair, Xin Tian Di

I’ve posted a lot about Chinese hair styles before, but this one may take the cake:

I love the bright, unique orange/salmon tint he’s got going on up top, and it matches his shoes quite well… His look as a whole was quite cool I though, especially the animal print shirt and backpack:

I wouldn’t quite classify this as a “Clash“, but it’s almost there… And speaking of clashing, my friend Hart over at Shanghai Style File just posted some pretty phenomenal pictures of some youthful clashes, so check it out!


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The emergence of style in China
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2 Responses to That Hair, Xin Tian Di

  1. Jean says:

    As always, a great eye…..the good, the bad, and something must be going on with me because I no longer find a lot of this stuff “ugly.” In fact I often think of it as ahead of the curve. The “clash” has particularly inspired me and I can’t wait to return to Asia, I am currently on a waiting list for a very hip pair of sparkly crystal embedded flat shoes that are plastic and can be washed!!!! (no, not the Stuart Weitzman Cinderlella series) Dust and dirt always a consideration. Flats, the better to not fall in a hole in the sidewalk. I hope the shoes arrive before I depart, I need something dressy and washable on my feet!!!

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