“Super” Future, South Shanghai

Today I went to the far, far southern edges of Shanghai where cabs are a different color and make and large tech companies have set up huge complexes that manufacture tomorrow’s technologies… But the future of China is not so certain, and this Chinese lady was a reminder of that fact:

The reason why the future of China and the world is not so sure is because, in our attempts for advancement, we are destroying our home… This particular area in Shanghai had a ton of factories and construction and smoke stacks which gave off all kinds of odd and scary smells. Seeing and breathing in that much pollution from just one or two factories made the realty of pollution a bit more tangible… It also made this sort of getup pretty necessary:

I thought this biker actually looked quite cool (even though she had some sort of bag on her head), but wouldn’t it be scary to see everyone walking around like this? It’s kind of futuristic looking, but in a post apocalyptic way, and not in a great advanced future kind of way. So if you ever go to the outskirts of Shanghai, remember your mouth/face gear (whatever that may be)… And please do your part to help preserve our home so that in the future such getups will remain cool and optional, not depressing and mandatory.


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4 Responses to “Super” Future, South Shanghai

  1. huajingblogs says:

    Thank you for taking time to reply to my comment, I really appreciate it, as you have a busy schedule. However, perhaps you could have looked over my blog, rather than genertically saying ‘I love your blog’. I understand my blog is in its earlier stages and I do not have a phd from Havard, but may it possible to carry out what you write, or don’t write it out. I really do enjoy your blog and like showing thoughts on it, after all isn’t this what blogging about?

  2. huajingblogs says:

    In the next 5 years, when China’s economy growth slows down, it is a real time of uncertainty to whether China can move seamlessly from a sweatshop/ labour heavy model to a more open market (Communist style)/ economy. It reflects back in Chinese fashion, as some want to advocate China made luxury brands, while the majority still want to wear Western brand names or cheap fakes.I think it will take time for China to mature into a more stable and certain, as it is only at the beginning of forming an identity

    • Thanks for the great insights into the market, it’s definitely very interesting to see how culture and its developments are reflected in sartorial practices… It’s definitely not a stagnant place, and I like how anything can happen on the streets of China.

      Also, I checked out your blog and love what you’re doing, I’d love to see more! Happy blogging 🙂

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