NEW HOME (and last post)

Dear CPHNS Community,

I want to start off this final post for CPHNS by thanking you for your patronage and support. I’ve received so many kind comments and helpful suggestions over the past three years (since I first started this blog on Blogspot), and I’ve taken them into consideration and come up with this new incarnation of my blog:


I think the name more appropriately reflects the content, as this blog has always been about celebrating the greatest parts of the Chinese sartorial system; furthermore, the name is also a mix of East and West, as I found I had to use both English and Chinese to express what I mean. I mean to say that Chinese people do have style (有 means ‘have’), because style is inherent to any culture or heritage. I also needed to ask the question “Chinese people, do you style?” because it’s important that everyone has their own style and we are respectful of the differences of others… So out deep respect for the subjects of my blog, I have created a new home for everyone to enjoy. I hope you like it!!

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

PS – I will keep up and running until all the content is properly transferred to chinesepeopledoyou有style… to see some content (such as slideshows, galleries, and video) you may need to return to CPHNS to view it properly.


About chinesepeopledoyoustyle

The emergence of style in China
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4 Responses to NEW HOME (and last post)

  1. biyi says:

    hihi tim, (or i don’t know what name you go by..) i enjoyed reading your blog every often. a native chinese i seldom discover those funny subtleties and what not…

    may shanghai offer you much more xD and yeah congrats on the new layout.

  2. DeborahV says:

    Glad to see you’re back! Congrats on the new blog layout.

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