chinesepeoplehavenostyle is meant to prove that Chinese people do in fact have ‘style’, but ‘style’ is only just emerging in China for a number of reasons. The blog is not about judging what is good and what is bad, it’s just about portraying what happens.

chinesepeoplehavenostyle is part of an ongoing anthropological study started at Harvard University in 2008 which studies the different manifestations ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ in China. Overall, the blog aims to focus on and promote the positive (the rare instances of Chinese style), but for your amusement and my catharsis, it also points out the negative (mass Chinese fashion).

The blog focuses on the past, current, and future manifestations of fashion and style in China, but before we can understand this, we have to have clear definitions of these separate but related concepts. So here goes my best shot:

Fashion is clothing that extends beyond the primary functions of protection or modesty, namely adornment, social stratification, and imitation, so fashion has existed for a long time in both the West and East. Today, fashion is commercial, objective, and mass because it is what brands, magazines, and businesses make.

Style is the result of fashion… Individuals use fashion to create and express an individual, subjective psychological schema. Style is what people make on the street, or you can think of it like this: Fashion + the Self = Style.

[you can also look at Fashion Theory for a further explanation]

The practice of style is very limited in China for a number of historical and cultural reasons. Fashion already exists very extensively in China because almost every brand is here vying for a piece of the pie, and Chinese people are buying and buying and buying. But how many Chinese consumers can turn cold hard RMB into an individual and genuine sartorial expression of themselves? There are a rare few, but I can sense that a mass diversification of aesthetics throughout Chinese society is just upon the horizon.

chinesepeoplehavenostyle will follow domestic designers, locals, foreigners, artists, stylists, and any other person, institution, or idea that will help advance the cause of individualization of sartorial practices (read: creation of style) in China. I for one am tired of repetitive and primitive conspicuous/copycat/conforming/cloned Chinese consumers. China has a unique and rich culture, history, philosophy, and aesthetic sense to create style that is unique to the world, so please follow this sartorial revolution of the Middle Kingdom as it unfolds.


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  1. Octopuspancake says:

    I have bookmarked and visited your blog for years, and finally thought it’s time for me to leave you a kind comment. Thank you for creating such a fun and smart blog. There are too many fashion bloggers who treat fashion too seriously, so thank you for putting things in perspective and show the “intellectual” side of fashion. Fashion is what we make it to be. I personally hate the word “fashion” (albeit its necessary existence) and really appreciate how you distinguish style from fashion on your blog. Keep up the good work!

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  3. rydayiminlove says:

    Hi!!! Found this blog when I googled for Jin Shan beach. Although the beach doesnt leave a special impression one me, I’ve been up all night reading archives!!! It’s so informative in a quirky kind of way. I love your blog!!! I wish you all the best and look forward to your next entries! ^_ ^

    • Hello!! Thank you so much for your kind comment, I’m so glad that you like the blog! I really appreciate when people read most of the blog and understand what it’s really about as opposed to simply reading the title. Hopefully you will find the content more and more interesting and informative about Chinese fashion and style, as I’ve gotten some amazing pictures lately. Please keep checking back, and I appreciate any feedback or comments you may have 🙂

      All the best

  4. chettripores says:

    Great blog! haha, thanks for posting!
    Keep up the good work!

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  6. I stumbled across your blog as I was searching for travel info for Yunnan – wasn’t expecting a chinese “fashion” blog but I just love what you have to say. Your observations are both hilarious and culturally fascinating. I’ve been traveling through Asia for many months now and have been fascinated by the fashion we’ve encountered in each new country (some quirky/beautiful/awesome, some amazing in the what-a-train-wreck-I-should-but-can’t-avert-my-eyes kind of way). We’ve only been in China a couple of weeks so far but this place has got a fashion “sense” all its own and I’ve been trying to get my head around it. Your hypothesis nails it for me! 🙂

    • Hello!! Thanks for your very thoughtful and flattering comment… I strive to strike a good balance between intellectual inquiry and humor, so it’s good to be reassured that I’m kinda getting there. I am really trying to study Chinese people and their sartorial culture, but I don’t ever want to be pedantic, preachy, judgmental, or condescending. I’m also so glad that you can also understand and appreciate the crazy sartorial culture here in Asia. It’s definitely different, and you’re totally right… Sometimes it turns out to be incredibly beautiful, but usually you just can’t wrap your head around it. But it’s good to be different I think, and I always love seeing new things.

      I checked out your blog btw, and I really enjoyed it! I loved the recommendations, as I’m looking to travel where you recently went, so thanks for the info as it will help me as I explore some new places and cultures… and happy blogging!

      All the best

  7. Lisa Lin says:

    I found this blog from Stylites.net and I’m loving it so far. I mean, it is a image/relection blog and not those “what I bought and wore today(for you)” and that’s what makes it so interesting for me. That’s way i’ve bee here for more than 3 hours till now..

    I’m a portuguese borned to chinese immigrants and this blog reflects so well my Summer journeys to China. I was able to identify myself with a lot of circumstances and already laughted like crazy here alone. I agree that chinese is so rich in so many ways but don’t seem to invest and don’t have the same priorities as those of the western. Even if there are trendy chinese people, they just seem to put to much effort..otherwise they studied, worked or something abroad..

    The blog kind of links me to China even being here in Lisbon, and demosntrates that no matter how much and fast China e incresing, there are always things that will never change..

    I just graduated in fashion design this June and I can say that this blog is something worth sharing, specially for people like me, that likes to grab my Canon and stay soewhere for hours so watching the people passing by, sounds silly I guess..(and that’s what I going to do when I go there, Europe is battling a huge crisis)

    My english..hmm is very till highscool plus movies and songs..so:/

    ah, like your style, though I just saw two pics. I thought it was too oustrageous for the chinese, magari I need an update.

    • Hi Lisa

      Thanks for the nice comment, I really am trying to do something different from a personal style blog although sometimes I like to show what I was wearing that day (especially cause Chinese people always stare at me because of my clothes so I get some funny pictures!)

      Anyway, I would be honored if you shared my blog with other people, and thank you for following and commenting. If you ever have a suggestion for a post, feel free to drop me a line!!

      All the best

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