Best of the Best

As this blog has grown, it has become harder and harder to maintain… So instead of updating the Best of the Best tab, I’m just going to update my Pinterest board for CPHNS. It’s a much better way to get an overview of the blog as it is much more visual and concise, so I hope you enjoy!!

8.29.11 – Androgyny, Shanghai

Chinese people do androgyny in general pretty well, but sartorially they excel. I love this pearl/necktie combo I found on this lady at the Post Office… I think it actually kinda works!

8.23.11 – Individuals vs. The Masses, Jing An District

I really like this simple, elegant, natural look this girl has going on. I also like the contrast the layers have, and it looks very effortless but polished.

8.17.11 – Sunbrellas Part 二, Hong Kong

Does anyone know where I can get an umbrella-hat like this? Because I really want one… It looks super functional and definitely has that Asian rice-paddy-hat shape going on which I love but can look so racist on a foreigner.

8.10.11 – Uma Wang Menswear (+WWD article on CFC!)

Uma Wang, one of China’s best designers, dabbles with a capsule menswear collection for London boutique Vertice… Although she didn’t do a full collection and it was her first foray into menswear, I had the honor of wearing some of the pieces and can assure you that they are PHENOMENAL… +WWD wrote an article on my agency China Fashion Collective.

8.8.11 – Ruxury

‘Ruxury’ is the Chinese conceptualization of luxury. The combination of ruxury, conspicuous consumption, and cultural imperialism threatens to homogenize Chinese sartorial aesthetics… It’s a sea of sameness!!

7.25.11 – Sunday Best

If you think rolling out of bed and going to brunch in your PJs is too informal, just pair them with a pair of heels and you’re good to go.

7.21.11 – Practical Patchwork II

This is not a romanticization of homelessness or poverty… I’m not trying to discuss this guy’s background, I’m trying to point out his aesthetic values. He’s legitimately better dressed than most Chinese people with more money, so please don’t judge him based on his position but rather on his incredible sense of aesthetics and style.

7.16.11 – CPHNS’s First Video

The Box Lady, Shanghai from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

7.12.11 – The Clash

The Clash is the “style” or “look” of Shanghai, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

7.5.11 – 100th Post: Top 5 Sartorial Trend

Check out Post 101 Chillin’, Post 102 Literal, Post 103 Hair/Hats, and Post 104 Bikes

6.25.11 – Pretty Patchwork

Patchwork is a rarity in China, so this lady brightened my day by wearing it so well.

6.17.11 – Polka Dot Panties

I’ve seen a lot of street pajamas, but this is a little bit too much, no? He also has the same underwear in green.

6.12.11 – Knowledge is Priceless

…Or knowledge is Poo-Poo.

6.6.11 – In Da Hood

I think these ladies found my outfits amusing, hence the pleasant stares that made this picture so great.

5.29.11 – CHILLIN’

Chinese people will sit here, sit there, sit anywhere! And on anything…

5.4.11 – British Fascinators vs. Chinese Hats

The head has historically been a site for exhibitionism in China, and although not necessarily dramatic, I think this hat (and entire outfit for that matter) is tops.

4.30.11 – Facehunter at Alter

Shanghai’s most stylish crowded into high-end boutique Alter to meet Facehunter.

4.25.11 – Their Easter Best

What do Chinese people wear on Easter? Graphic overalls with matching hats, of course!

4.2.11 – At the Antique Market

Stylish Chinese people came out in droves while the Opening Ceremony team was in Shanghai.

3.18.11 – What’s Going On?

Another mindless consumer of Big Western Brands claims her cluelessness on her hoodie.

3.10.11 – The Chinese Bag Lady

Great shape, and functional!

2.21.11 – Chinese Fashion History Launch!

Chinese fashion during the 20th Century.

2.20.11 – Dior Addict Event

Everything from H&M and American Apparel, but she looked more billionaire than the real billionares!

2.13.11 – Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Can you spot Chinese Jack and Chinese Jill?

2.10.11 – The Murse Project

Chinese men lovee carrying purses. They’ll tell you it’s chivalry, but it’s not really…

2.3.11 – Gettin’ Your Hair Did


1.30.11 – Karl Lagerfeld Photography Exhibition Opening

Feminine with the right amount of masculine.

1.26.11 – GREAT Hair Day

Best hair ever.

1.24.11 – Globalization and the Conflation of Culture

The right mix of traditional and commercial.

1.20.11 – Top 10 of 2010 RECAP

Full of interesting characters like this darling little girl.

1.17.11 – Top 10 of 2010 FINALE

The most sartorially ironic woman in China. Love it.

1.12.11 – Ladies Who Lounge

Not only fab but functional.

1.11.11 – Conspicuous Consumption of Pajamas

A favorite trend in China for sure, and the bike is phenomenal to boot!

1.3.11 – Top 10 of 2010, Yunnan Edition Part II

So dapper.

12.31.10 – Top 10 of 2010, Yunnan Edition Part I

Beautiful Naxi Minority Dress.

12.17.10 – Practical Patchwork

Proves that even those without many resources can still create something beautiful.

12.5.10 – Letter Sweater Crosswalk


12.3.10 – Loud and Literal

This girl’s sweater reads: LOUD BEATS SAVED MY LIFE!

12.2.10 – The Craziest Thing on a Bike

There are multiple people that do this on a daily basis!

12.1.10 – Old Chinese People Have Style

Johnny Depp much?

11.28.10 – Military Biker

Love the bags!

11.27.10 – Street Corner Hipsters

The shot that started it all…


7 Responses to Best of the Best

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  2. Qian says:

    Sometimes, Chinese just do not so care about their outcome when they go out and that is the reason why…

    • Hi Qian, thanks for your comment. Do you think Chinese people should care about what they are wearing when they go outside? I think a lot of people actually do care, but maybe they care too much and so they try too hard as a result…

      I think people should care about what they wear because it says a lot about them and their personality, but I think they should do it in a natural and non-conspicuous way… In China today, most people are too concerned with brand names which makes them all look anonymous and the same because they all have the same Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Burberry bag. But it’s getting better and better every day, so stay tuned!

      Happy reading 🙂

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