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Strawberry Music Festival, Pudong

Rambunctious Chinese youth and music enthusiasts traveled all the way to Pudong for the three-day Strawberry Music Festival this past holiday weekend. It was my first time attending such a festival in China, and I have to say I was … Continue reading

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Spring Sneakers, Shanghai

Although the weather and outerwear are still a bit dreary here in Shanghai, I did notice some pops of color in terms of footwear: It’s a relief to finally see some color around town, especially since it has been raining … Continue reading

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Leap Day 2012

It’s Leap Day (and CPHNS’s 200th post) everyone!! Today is an extra day we’ve all earned from getting through the past four years, so I propose we literally leap for joy on this special extra day like the Chinese guy … Continue reading

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A Photo Apology, from New York

Dearest CPHNS Readers, I’m very sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks… I haven’t been posting because I’ve been in New York and consequently don’t have access to most of my photos, but I did manage to … Continue reading

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China’s Big Problem, Huang Pu District

In order to assess the validity of this statement that there are losers everywhere, I’ve decided to continue providing some more samples to be considered… So what do you think of this guy? From the back he looks like a … Continue reading

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Biking in the Grocery Store, Xin Tian Di

Since our Chinese friend from Raffles stated with her shirt “look at all these losers you find them everywhere,” I decided to put her shirt’s statement to the test. So this week, I’ll be posting different subjects and I’ll give … Continue reading

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Literally Losers, People’s Square

This literally hilarious submission from my friend Nani is of a t-shirt one of her students at Raffles wore to class one day: It reads: “Look at all these losers you find them everywhere”. Although not very nice, I would … Continue reading

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Back to the Gym, Fuxing Park

The New Year always brings with it many resolutions, most of which will be broken within the first few weeks of the year… I broke some of mine already, but was able to get back on track because Chinese New … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Your Hair Did (Men’s Version), French Concession and Hong Kong

Last year as Chinese New Year approached, I noticed a lot of Chinese women Gettin’ Their Hair Did. In what ended up being one of CPHNS’s most popular posts last year, I captured some priceless shots of women with large, … Continue reading

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Fashion is Literally Easy, Shanghai

I’ve seen buses all around Shanghai with these new ads by fashion e-commerce website Luck Cart which state: “Fashion is Easy”: Thanks Luck Cart and Bus 146 for the insight, but I think you’re missing the point. Fashion is easy, … Continue reading

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