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Beijing Street Style, Beijing

Although I rode around Beijing on Vega Wang‘s bike most of this past weekend, I still feel much less capable of describing Beijing’s street style than Shanghai’s… I guess I just don’t have as many pictures and references for understanding … Continue reading

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Pretty Fly for a Little Guy, French Concession

Shanghai Fashion Week FW12 starts April 11th, which is technically tomorrow!! That means it’s time for another week of a few great shows and a lot of mediocre ones, but the true show is outside the tents… However, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Chinese Three Ways, Shanghai

Chinese people usually come in threes, as family units are made up of two parents and a single child. But you can also see other types of three-ways (the G-rated kind) around Shanghai on scooters: Although technically made only for … Continue reading

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China’s Big Problem, Huang Pu District

In order to assess the validity of this statement that there are losers everywhere, I’ve decided to continue providing some more samples to be considered… So what do you think of this guy? From the back he looks like a … Continue reading

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Biking in the Grocery Store, Xin Tian Di

Since our Chinese friend from Raffles stated with her shirt “look at all these losers you find them everywhere,” I decided to put her shirt’s statement to the test. So this week, I’ll be posting different subjects and I’ll give … Continue reading

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The Best Perspective is Up, Guangzhou

Even though it’s been raining in Shanghai now for about a week straight, I’m still trying to keep my head and spirits up… But I wouldn’t dare take the perspective of this little girl I pictured in Guangzhou, for fear … Continue reading

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Beijing’s Backroads, Somewhere in Beijing

Two weeks ago I went to Beijing to attend Xander Zhou‘s fashion show as well as BNC‘s first anniversary fashion show, but I’ve failed to post about either of them so far because my standards are much higher after working … Continue reading

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The Murse Project Part 二, Shanghai

I started posting about the prevalence of “murses” in China a while ago, but I think I might have been too judgmental at first… I used to think that the average Chinese guy who totes around his girlfriend’s bag was … Continue reading

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The Future of Chinese Fashion II, ‘Greater China’

I noticed this little girl in Guangzhou scoping out the selection at a local kids clothing “store”, and it struck me as a bit odd to see such a young child be so discerning with her potential purchase (I don’t … Continue reading

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Not Mainlanders (but kinda), Hong Kong

My trip to Hong Kong was short but enlightening and inspiring. They certainly have their own sense of style in Hong Kong, but I don’t think it’s as drastically different as most people make it out to be… It seems … Continue reading

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