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The traditional half of the dichotomy

Freeway Turtles, Beijing

So I haven’t posted in a few days because I had an impromptu trip to Beijing… And as I was already running late to catch my flight, I didn’t schedule any posts while I was away, so I’ll try and … Continue reading

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Gym Park, Beijing

I was up early on Sunday morning last week in Beijing, so I decided to ride around on my trusty-ish bike, looking for whatever I could find. Aside from the boys wandering out of Beijing’s major gay club Destination at … Continue reading

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Beijing Street Style, Beijing

Although I rode around Beijing on Vega Wang‘s bike most of this past weekend, I still feel much less capable of describing Beijing’s street style than Shanghai’s… I guess I just don’t have as many pictures and references for understanding … Continue reading

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Trends and Categories + Submissions Launch!

I just launched the Trends and Categories section of CPHNS to provide easy access to some of the recurring sartorial themes on this blog and the streets of China, as well as a Submissions Section because I’ve recently received so … Continue reading

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12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 3 – The Right Accessory

Sometimes all you need is the right accessory to turn your ordinary China-red sweater into a festive-appearing look: In this case the right accessory is a green and red bike, which renders this person more Christmas-y than he probably knows.

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Beijing’s Backroads, Somewhere in Beijing

Two weeks ago I went to Beijing to attend Xander Zhou‘s fashion show as well as BNC‘s first anniversary fashion show, but I’ve failed to post about either of them so far because my standards are much higher after working … Continue reading

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Trip Wrap Up, Beijing

So I got back from Beijing on Tuesday night, and it was quite a trip… Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting with top Chinese designers Xander Zhou, Vega Wang, and Liu Lu, but I also went to … Continue reading

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Off to Beijing

I’m off to Beijing today to meet with Creative Artists Agency and Vega Wang for my agency China Fashion Collective and hopefully also Hong Huang, Mao Suit, and Xander Zhou if they are all back from their respective trips. So this … Continue reading

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Loud and Literal, Shanghai and Beijing

Clothing with words on it is certainly not a novelty in the US, but there really isn’t any “standard” by which the Chinese apply English words and phrases to their clothing. However, I would say that the most popular word … Continue reading

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Old Chinese People Have Style, Shanghai and Beijing

I never would have guessed this when I was writing my thesis (without any field research to speak of really), but old Chinese people definitely gots some style!! Those 60-70 somethings that experienced the Cultural Revolution during their college years … Continue reading

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