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You Are Not My Father, South Bund

Yesterday I participated in the first “Blog Talks” event organized by Sandy Chu of I really enjoyed presenting CPHNS (as well as and, but I also loved hearing other people talk about their blogs and why they … Continue reading

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Chinese Style, French Concession

As Shanghai Fashion Week approaches, the fashion media will inevitably ask both attendants and participating designers alike silly questions, the most likely being “What is Chinese style?” I say such questions are silly only because they are unanswerable by a … Continue reading

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Stretching with a View, Huang Pu River

One morning after not being able to sleep, I decided to take an early scooter ferry to Pudong for no reason other than to take some pictures, and after touring the Shanghai equivalent of Jersey I remembered why I never … Continue reading

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Biking in the Grocery Store, Xin Tian Di

Since our Chinese friend from Raffles stated with her shirt “look at all these losers you find them everywhere,” I decided to put her shirt’s statement to the test. So this week, I’ll be posting different subjects and I’ll give … Continue reading

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12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 12 – Have a Merry Christmas Eve!! (in your Pajamas)

I hope you are all having a relaxing Christmas Eve in your pajamas! And if you need to go outside for something, take a page from China’s book and don’t bother changing… I think people will be understanding given the … Continue reading

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The Roller Disco, Putuo

So most Chinese people are not into vintage in the same way their Western counterparts are, but it’s slowly catching on in the Mainland… One reason they may not be that interested in it is because the society itself is … Continue reading

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Fashion Week Part II: Jenny Ji, Helen Lee, and Decoster Concept Rehearsal

So Shanghai Fashion Week went by pretty fast, probably because the weather was terrible so I didn’t make it to many shows… But I managed to make it to most of the domestic Chinese designer brands, which included a lot … Continue reading

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Androgyny, Shanghai

I’ve been wanting and meaning to do a post about sartorial androgyny for forever… But I never had the right pictures to correctly portray the manifestation of this sartorial trend in China, which seems to be more inherent here than … Continue reading

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Sunbrellas Part 二, Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong (well, Kowloon to be specific), I spotted a conical shaped hat from afar, but this one was different from others I’d seen in China… The material looked to be similar to that of an umbrella or … Continue reading

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Not Mainlanders (but kinda), Hong Kong

My trip to Hong Kong was short but enlightening and inspiring. They certainly have their own sense of style in Hong Kong, but I don’t think it’s as drastically different as most people make it out to be… It seems … Continue reading

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