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Includes everything that can be considered fashion, and the way that all these components interact

Shanghai Fashion Week, Season 6

I’m about to attend my 6th season of Shanghai Fashion Week, and I have to admit that it has shaped up quite nicely this time around. With shows from Helen Lee, May J. by Jiang Ling, Poesia by Chris Chang, … Continue reading

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Chinese Style, French Concession

As Shanghai Fashion Week approaches, the fashion media will inevitably ask both attendants and participating designers alike silly questions, the most likely being “What is Chinese style?” I say such questions are silly only because they are unanswerable by a … Continue reading

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CPHNS and Exception de MixMind 例外 Anniversaries, Part 二

So I should expand on my previous [double] anniversary post, as it was written in a rush and didn’t really give you a good picture of what I’ve been documenting and analyzing for the past two years in China (it’s … Continue reading

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The Chinese Dandy, French Concession

I love dandies, but I don’t like the way Wikipedia describes them. They portray dandies as middle class people who would imitate the upper class because they wanted or longed to be of that status, but that’s not how I … Continue reading

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Shanghai’s First Fashion’s Night Out, Xin Tian Di

Last year China’s official FNO was in Beijing (as Vogue is based there), but this year China’s most stylish Gen Y-ers flocked to Infinity Plaza in Shanghai for the shopping portion of the event, and later made their way to … Continue reading

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Chinese Fashion History Update!

The most recent update of Chinese Fashion History at includes pictures from 1910-1920, as well as an illustration of the evolution of 20th Century Chinese Fashion. Check it out!

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What’s Going On China?, Xin Tian Di

When I first came to China, I quickly became disinterested in the oodles and oodles of (usually fake) Burberry, Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton products that pollute the Chinese fashion system, and I thus stopped documenting it; recently though, I … Continue reading

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2010, The Year of Liu Wen

It’s almost the end of 2010, so I figured I should post these pictures I have of Liu Wen before they become less relevant… by that I mean that superduper Chinese model Liu Wen had a stellar year which will … Continue reading

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