I requested submissions from you all a while ago and am so excited with the response I’ve gotten thus far!! So thank you to those that have already sent in pictures, and to everyone else: I’m definitely still accepting submissions because there’s no way one person can thoroughly cover street style throughout all of China. So feel free to send me pictures at at any time! I always love seeing pictures from around China and getting different peoples’ perspectives.

Anyway, I already have enough to start a whole submissions section of CPHNS, and I’ll create a tab for anyone that sends me a significant amount of content. I won’t necessarily post everything at once, as your pictures might fit in with a particular post of mine… But everything will be aggregated here, so check back for the pictures and perspectives of various readers.

So to kick off this new section of CPHNS is a fellow blogger based in Beijing, Blaise: Understanding China, One Blog at a Time


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  2. C. Fernandes says:

    I found this on a brazilian online newspaper. It´s a “facekini” used to protect people from getting a tan. According to the reporter it also has the function of a “Jellyfish burn protector”.

    HEre is the link

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