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The Chinese Dandy, French Concession

I love dandies, but I don’t like the way Wikipedia describes them. They portray dandies as middle class people who would imitate the upper class because they wanted or longed to be of that status, but that’s not how I … Continue reading

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The Murse Project Part 二, Shanghai

I started posting about the prevalence of “murses” in China a while ago, but I think I might have been too judgmental at first… I used to think that the average Chinese guy who totes around his girlfriend’s bag was … Continue reading

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Trip Wrap Up, Beijing

So I got back from Beijing on Tuesday night, and it was quite a trip… Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting with top Chinese designers Xander Zhou, Vega Wang, and Liu Lu, but I also went to … Continue reading

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The Murse Project, China

I thought of doing a photo series on the “man purse” in China only after I had seen dozens of different dudes sportin’ their girlfriends’ bags as if they were their own… I now have 20 or so images of … Continue reading

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Subway Shots, French Concession

I hate to queue when trying to buy a subway ticket, but it was OK this time because I got to admire this young woman’s very interesting outfit. It’s a bit boyish, but has fun and feminine pops of red. … Continue reading

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