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The Roller Disco, Putuo

So most Chinese people are not into vintage in the same way their Western counterparts are, but it’s slowly catching on in the Mainland… One reason they may not be that interested in it is because the society itself is … Continue reading

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Beijing’s Backroads, Somewhere in Beijing

Two weeks ago I went to Beijing to attend Xander Zhou‘s fashion show as well as BNC‘s first anniversary fashion show, but I’ve failed to post about either of them so far because my standards are much higher after working … Continue reading

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The Miao Ethnic Minority, Fuxing Park

I feel like I need a break from posting about Shanghai Fashion Week (yes, there are still a few shows I haven’t posted about yet, I’ll get around to it I promise), but I wanted to post one last update … Continue reading

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Post 104: Bikes

As I mentioned in Post 103: Hats and Hair, people riding bikes almost always have the best hats, as well as other interesting accessories like gloves, sunglasses, Darth Vader masks, and capes(!) in the summer. But sometimes the bike itself … Continue reading

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Post 103: Hair and Hats

I always found street pajamas fascinating, but it took me a while to appreciate Chinese hair and hat culture… But after seeing this particular lady, I really started to notice and appreciate interesting and funny things on peoples’ heads. I … Continue reading

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CPHNS’s 100th Post!! : Shanghai’s Top 5 Sartorial Trends

Happy 4th of July everyone!! And apologies for not posting for over a week, but I’ve been moving and my internet has been down; furthermore, I’ve been delaying this post a bit because it’s chinesepeoplehavenostyle’s 100th post, so it had … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Your Hair Did, Xin Tian Di to People’s Square

So I went out on February 1st to take advantage of the Chinese New Year holiday sales, and I spotted another great example of a Chinese person using pajamas as a kind of conspicuous consumption, and these pjs were CONSPICUOUS: … Continue reading

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GREAT Hair Day, Subway Stop in French Concession

I’m moving apartments right now, so I don’t have much time to post this week… So I thought that the best solution would be to put up pictures that don’t need any explanation. Observe:

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