Trends and Categories

I’m not a huge fan of the word “trend” because inherent in it is the idea that people are mindlessly following one sartorial idea or fad en masse (which renders them more or less the same)… I believe everyone should be as individualistic as possible when it comes to clothes and one’s own personal style because everyone is an individual. Furthermore, trends are generally artificial or highly contrived, made up by the powers that be to propel sales or to provide the aimless masses with the security of being the same as other people.

But despite their usually inorganic nature, trends are an important part of understanding a sartorial system on a societal, regional, or national level, and are partially “organic” insofar as they sometimes natural occur amongst the people rather than the powers that be. I’ve tried to avoid using the term on this blog as much as possible because I don’t like the word, but then again it’s an important concept to understanding China’s (or any country’s) sartorial system.

So I’ve started this section of the blog to provide a round-up of some of the “trends” that have seemed to have appeared over and over again on this blog. Here are some of the most important trends, as well as some of my personal favorites:



The Clash





Street Pajamas

*These “Trends and Categories” can be accessed by simply scrolling through the Categories or Tags, or by searching CPHNS (it works really well, so give it a go!)


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