Here’s an archive of all the videos posted on CPHNS (you can access it via the “video” category), as well as the Video RSS and our Vimeo at the bottom:

Back to the Gym, Fuxing Park

The New Year always brings with it many resolutions, most of which will be broken within the first few weeks of the year… I broke some of mine already, but was able to get back on track because Chinese New … Continue reading →

12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 8 – The Grinch

This “Bag Man” is the only person I’ve seen in China that can compete with the “Box Lady” in terms of efficiency: His load was hyperbolic-ally large, and reminded me of the Grinch: I can’t say definitively who is more … Continue reading →

12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 4 – The Roller Disco

I’ve covered Putuo’s Roller Disco before in all its laser-beam, smoke-machine, disco-ball glory… But this time I’m revisiting the theme because it just so happens that Shanghai’s best Roller Disco venue fits in perfectly with our 12 Days of Christmas … Continue reading →

CPHNS and Exception de MixMind 例外 Anniversaries, Part 二

So I should expand on my previous [double] anniversary post, as it was written in a rush and didn’t really give you a good picture of what I’ve been documenting and analyzing for the past two years in China (it’s … Continue reading →

The Miao Ethnic Minority, Fuxing Park

I feel like I need a break from posting about Shanghai Fashion Week (yes, there are still a few shows I haven’t posted about yet, I’ll get around to it I promise), but I wanted to post one last update … Continue reading →

The End of Dynastic Rule, China

I’m pretty sure there are very few Chinese people and even fewer foreigners who are aware of the importance of today, but October 10, 1911 was the date of the Wuchang Uprising which began the end of dynastic rule in … Continue reading →

Updates Updates Updates!! + Fashion Show Videos

Posted on October 6, 2011

So many updates! Most importantly I’ve made it easier to browse Chinese Fashion History and Chinese Fashion News by splitting them into categories. Simply scroll over the tabs with your mouse and you’ll get a dropdown breaking down the category … Continue reading →

CPHNS’s First Video: The Box Lady

Posted on July 16, 2011

I’ve posted pictures of the Box Lady before, but now thanks to vimeo, you can see her for yourself in this inspiring video of human ingenuity and dexterity: The most amazing part of this video is how she’s just nonchalantly …Continue reading →

Here is the feed for videos on CPHNS:

Here is where all of CPHNS’s videos (+ others!) are hosted:


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